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  • MPO Patchcord

    • MPO Jumper cords are Multi-fiber jumper cords using the MPO connector in fiber counts of 8, 12 or 24. MPO Jumper cords provide high-density connections and offers low insertion loss and reflectance.

    MPO Attenuator

    • OptoNest MPO Attenuator is used to reduce optical-signal electric power in all channels of 40/100G Parallel Optic Transmission, and other equipment with using MPO interconnection.
  • MPO Attenuation

    • The MPO Loopback which strictly complies with the RoHS, not only meets the criteria of both TIA/EIA 604-5 and IEC 61754-7, but also provides compacted spec for a test of Burn-in and network component.

    MPO Splitter

    • MPO Splitter is made with a high-density MPO connector, and it realizes the Optical Splitter’s function which divides & delivers the optical signal into a number of ports with compact size.